Well, I’ll tell you. It’s a simple matter of connecting the client with the press outlets in a way that not only facilitates a piece of press coverage, but also ensures that the press outlet will come back and utilize the expertise that the client has on a more consistent basis long-term. Take for example a piece that we facilitated for VIP Medical this week. CEO Robert Saenz, an expert in drug diversion issues was going to be in the Denver area. We got the call just a couple of days before his scheduled arrival, where he would be speaking to a group of physicians about the elements they need to consider when prescribing opioids. In the mix of the press contacts we submitted information to was a gentleman by the name of Tom Chenault, a fantastic radio show host in the Denver DMA. We set up all the parameters of getting Mr. Saenz interviewed on his show, prepped him for the interview and it happened today on the Tom Chenault Show. Ten minutes after the interview took place, we got an email from Tom stating the following:

“I want Saenz back. He was awesome. Have him call me.”

then five minutes later…

“I want that guy back! He touched a chord…”

You see, when an effective public relations effort is met with strong interview capabilities, the press will respond in kind by being kind! Our goal is to always ensure we are giving the press what it needs and wants in a way that makes them trust that we will be there for them and that the clients we represent are the best of the best!

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