I get asked this question all the time. The fact is, I see so many doctors and medical practices that get hooked into the idea that if they pay for a ‘Best Doctor’ video, people will somehow be convinced that they are, in fact, a really good physician.

It’s been my experience that this is in fact not the case.

I want to address what I see as a bane of the professional physician. They spend an inordinate amount of time to learn how to become a doctor, more time maintaining their education, only to sufficiently cheapen themselves by spending thousands of dollars to ensure they look as “salesy” as possible by purchasing a video claiming that they are a superior physician in the hopes that some unsuspecting potential patient might see it and get all excited.

Just a few of the significant pitfalls of marketing yourself this way are:

  1. The videos make you feel like a star (in your own head).
  2. The video you end up with won’t be seen by nearly as many people as the production company would like you to believe.
  3. There is no way for the video to generate new business ‘organically’ – that is, by virtue of them being able to find the video first, no matter how good your SEO factors might be.
  4. The video will only be in two places: Your website (refer to #1) and the video company’s website, which is geared toward only finding more suckers like you.
  5. The videos come across as self-aggrandizing and completely unprofessional, no matter what kind of cool 3D graphics the production company used.
  6. They cost way too much and yield little if any real results.

The fact is, the vast majority of people STILL get the majority of their news from the traditional three: Print, Television and Radio. These three tiers are the FIRST place they go BEFORE they ever end up on your website. You can hope that video you spent 15,000 bucks on about the really cool ortho surgery you do might go viral, but the question is, did you do the surgery in a chicken suit while singing ‘My Humps’? Because if you didn’t, chances are, it won’t. Today I saw a video a doctor paid dearly for and then found it on YouTube (only after putting in the EXACT title I might add) and guess how many people had actually seen that video? Less than 50 and it had been up there for almost a year!

Be the professional you want people to see you as, not the professional you think they want to see you as. With healthcare reform going the way it is, you want to attract people who aren’t swayed by flash in the pan videos, but real hard news that they can use (which explains clearly and with a bona fide third party vetting such as a real reporter who fact checks) and can act upon.

A targeted public relations approach is the only real legitimate way to increase the volume of a practice. It’s part of a well-balanced approach that doesn’t try to hit elusive home runs, but rather is a proactive approach based on proven tactics and real relationships that can catapult your endeavors to the next level and beyond.


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