What is ‘Public Relations’ anyway?

Public relations is a management function which allows an individual or organization the opportunity to add significant impact to the efforts of adding clients and customers, selling products, or educating the public much more quickly than with traditional means. In order to rise above the competition, companies and individuals in business have to find a way to distinguish themselves within their marketplace, matching their product, service or expertise to the needs and wants of the consumer. The single most effective way to do this is through the press and the way that is done is with a public relations campaign. In today’s marketplace, consumers are inundated with an ever increasing level of advertising…public relations allows companies and individuals to differentiate themselves in a place and way that the public trusts.

Holmes World Media Inc. is a full service public relations and image development company, specializing in the representation of experts and organizations in the medical/healthcare and beauty industry, biotechnology industry, and select areas of law. The scope of our specifically customized and tailored PR campaigns can accommodate the needs of an individual or the needs of an entire corporation.

National and local press coverage and public relations in the following areas:

  • News
  • Magazines
  • Professional Journals
  • Newspapers
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Internet/Blogs

An effective public relations campaign identifies the nature and expertise of a business or individual, then plans and implements a program of action in order to generate and earn public understanding and trust.

In short, public relations gives the person or company a way to adapt to their marketplace, which positions them to achieve an outstanding level of success.

Being able to adapt to the constant shifts in opinion in regard to the public’s wants and needs is a crucial element in gaining and maintaining higher levels of success. By analyzing those qualities that are an inherent part of the individuals and companies we work with, we are able to incorporate those qualities into items that gain the attention of the public at all levels, whether national, regional or local. By serving the needs of the media, we in turn serve the needs of our business partners.