Public relations…Why choose Holmes World Media Inc.?

It’s a good question and one that we get asked all the time. In short, the odds that you or your company has at some point had a negative experience with a public relations or media relations firm are odds we’d love to take to Vegas. We here at Holmes World Media Inc. are on a mission to prove to the world that public relations can be four things:

  • Inexpensive
  • Highly effective
  • Easily integrated into your current system
  • Tailored specific to you or your company’s needs

It isn’t a fantasy. Our business partners experience these four tenets in working with us on a consistent basis. We’ve seen firsthand how the big PR firms operate and we can’t say we were real impressed with them. High fees, little or no attention to the client and a level of press coverage that can only be described as “paltry” or just down right irrelevant.

If you or your company has never worked with a PR firm before, you’re in luck. After working with Holmes World Media Inc., you’ll never fall prey to those big pr firms because you won’t be able to consider the thought of going anywhere else…we strive for that every single day.



Wendy Rigby – Reporter, KENS 5 San Antonio, TX

“Holmes World Media Inc. has an uncanny knack for pitching stories that are both visually interesting and relevant to our viewers.”

Andre Bessette – Marketing Director – Peak Surgical

“Holmes World Media Inc. delivered results above and beyond our expectations.”

Chris Kerrins – National VP of Sales & Marketing – Stryker Instruments

“Holmes World Media Inc. was very professional and was very easy to work with.   I highly recommend Holmes World Media Inc.”

Ann Mosher – Marketing Director, California Pacific Medical Center

“Holmes World Media Inc. is tenacious in the nicest possible way…and they get results.”

Gary Alter, M.D. – Plastic Surgeon

“I recommend Holmes World Media Inc. without reservation.”

Steven Zimmet, M.D. – Dermatologist

“I highly and absolutely recommend Holmes World Media Inc.”

Martin Gorman, D.D.S – Bioesthetic Dentist

“I was with another PR firm and it wasn’t until I switched to Holmes World Media Inc. that I started to see press coverage that really paid off for my practice.”

Jackie Sharpe – Marketing Director – Huntington Reproductive Centers

“Holmes World Media Inc. helped HRC grow exponentially. Their ability to facilitate fantastic press coverage across the spectrum while navigating the often sensitive issue of fertility was unparalleled.”