What is the difference between traditional advertising and public relations?

Advertising is a passive method of marketing your expertise or service or product. You place an ad and there it sits, while you sit, hoping it will connect in some meaningful way with the people that come into contact with it. When you place an ad, you’re basically saying, “Here’s a list of criteria that you must meet in order to take advantage of our expertise and services.” Not a very cordial way to try to find new business, is it? With public relations, you are positioned as an expert in your field through the inherent legitimizing force of the press. You give the public the information they need in a way and in the place they can use it to avail themselves of what you have to offer. An additional element that media relations offers is the ability to replicate itself without additional cost. When’s the last time you had an advertiser call your office to request permission to run your ad in their publication or on their station for free because they saw it somewhere else and liked it? Never. That’s why media relations is so much more cost-effective than advertising.

 Is it looked down upon for doctors to promote their practice?

This is another question we are asked a great deal. The key here is the manner in which the “promotion” is made. Public relations offers the most discreet method of promoting oneself because unlike an advertisement, it is not an overt methodology. You have the ability to determine who knows your method and who doesn’t. With a billboard, everyone automatically knows you’re promoting yourself and bases their opinion of you accordingly. You’ve essentially just negated any possibility that you could be viewed as an expert. After all, you’re not selling fried chicken, right? Public relations is reserved for experts.

What types of media do you work with?

We work with media outlets all over the country in all major forms of media; print, radio, television and internet. Our relationships cover everything from local media outlets all the way up to major national and international outlets.

How do you know who to contact for certain specializations or industries?

We are constantly expanding our relationships with the media to provide our business partners with the most effective public relations campaigns available. We research the best places to contact for our respective business partners and update these on a monthly basis to provide a crucial element of continued public relations campaign customization.

How do you determine your rates?

We determine our rates according to the specific needs of the business partner, along with the length of the initial public relations campaign they would like us to pursue.

Do I pay up front or make payments?

Typically our business partners prefer to make payment on a monthly basis, but we have the ability to accept payment in full at the beginning of their public relations campaign.

Is there a minimum time or monetary amount required?

All our public relations campaigns involve a letter of agreement and Campaign Protocol guideline that must be ratified prior to the start of the campaign. Typically the minimum recommended initial length of campaigns is 6 to 12 months.

What are the benefits of your service versus traditional advertising and how can I be sure I will get better results?

The value that a Holmes World Media public relations campaign can add to your goals is second to none. Being seen in legitimate press outlets you gain the inherent legitimacy and prestige of being ‘the’ expert in your specialty. You get the biggest bang for your buck with a public relations campaign because the vast majority of people get their news from these outlets. Also, with a public relations campaign you have the ability to adjust to breaking news, sudden shifts, and trends in your market that correlate directly to your experience instantaneously, which is something that traditional advertising cannot do. Holmes World Media constantly monitors your public relations campaign to see where adjustments may need to be made to provide you with the highest level of service and press coverage possible.

What sort of time commitments will be required of me during my public relations campaign?

The time commitment varies in each public relations campaign, but be prepared to be far more involved than you have been with the forms of marketing you’re used to. We expect our business partners to accept a very active role in the direction of their success when it comes to the public relations campaign we are implementing for them.

How do you decide what type of public relations campaign will work best for my organization?

Each business partner’s experience expertise is carefully scrutinized to determine what the most appropriate shape of the public relations campaign should be. We look at the function of the organization and compare that to your goals, and then formulate a fully customized public relations campaign to suite your needs based on proprietary methods we’ve developed over the last ten years. Hit our contact page and we’ll be glad to answer any additional questions you might have.